Today’s Food Processor’s Sanitation Department Must Be Cost Effective And Consistent.

CCI develops comprehensive Master Sanitation Schedule that allows our clients to track the status of ancillary areas in the plant that are often the resident bac-t breeding ground.

We provide direct one on one floor training for associates, leads, supervisors, manager and plant managers to insure everyone understands “CLEAN”.

CCI’s staff engineer will work to reduce water, chemical and man-hour use in CIP systems while increasing the efficacy of the program.

We have seen one plant through the latest round of FSA without sanitation opportunities and are preparing another very large plant for FSA.  Working with Title 21 and 9, plants over the last two years we have been able to reduce FDA and USDA failures as well as co-pack and AIB missed opportunities.

Is Your Plants Sanitation Department Cost Effective?

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